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Alright so Amanda did this and I thought it was a cool idea so I present to you my fic to-do list. Feel free to comment on anything you think is cool and also feel free to throw out stuff you think would be cool. This is pretty much every idea I've had that's stuck with me so I doubt all of these will become reality.
This thing is pretty huge )
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Ran across this via someone else's LJ and I'm trying to boost the signal. Seriously, kickstart the shit out of this thing because it looks beautiful.

Everybody should grow up wanting to be Batman


Jan. 9th, 2013 09:34 pm
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I am putting this here so that someone specific will read it because tumblr is lame and won't let me put the link in the "ask me" question. Also, I'm actually semi-excited for this movie.

When does the guy who plays Finnick get to play Aquaman?
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I figured I would go ahead and get this out of the way. These are my thoughts on the stupidity that is Amazing Spider-Man #700.

Anyone can win a fight when the odds are easy. It's when the going's tough, when there seems to be no chance, that's when it counts )
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This is Noey's Christmas present. I tried to do the username linking earlier and I screwed it up because I don't know how to do it to just Dreamwidth. So yeah, here it is anyway.

Title: Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground
Fandom: Young Avengers
Rating: T
Genre: Angst
Pairings: Kate Bishop
Warnings: Deals with rape
Summary: Kate has always dealt in realities, even the painful ones.

Life goes on )
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So I think it's time for me to do my annual top ten comics list since we're closing in on the end of the year and it's a nice way to procrastinate when I should be writing Christmas presents. As always, my standard disclaimer applies. I get my comics in trades so I might be behind on stuff and also this is the best out of what I read, not necessarily the best out of what's on the stands.

The List )
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I ran across this while looking at someone's tumblr. I just thought I would share.

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So since it's officially December now, I thought this would be a good time to do this. If you want to write/draw/whatever something fandom-related for me for Christmas then feel free to do so. Also, what would people like me to write them for Christmas?

Fic Time

Nov. 17th, 2012 11:41 am
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This is random but I felt like writing this.

Title: Molding
Fandom: X-Men (comics)
Rating: K+
Genre: Angst
Pairings: Cessily Kincaid (Mercury)
Warnings: None
Summary: Even after all this time, Cessily is still struggling with being everything everyone wants her to be.

Tell me what I need to be )
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Okay Obama, you have four more years. Don't fuck this up.
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See what I just did there in the title of this entry? Awesome right? Anyways, I'm a little late on doing this but I decided today that I would do an entry about DC's New 52 since we're a year removed from it. Back when DC did their reboot, I thought it was going to fail but it actually seems to have saved the comics industry or at least saved the company. I posted about the New 52 when it first launched and now I thought I would give my opinion on it after a year. This entry covers all the New 52 titles I've read or skimmed through, which isn't a lot.

I can't think of anything cool to put here )
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I ganked this from [profile] xenokattz because it's been forever since I've done a meme and I feel like writing.

TROPE MEME! Give me a fandom/pairing and a number, and I'll write a drabble using these tropes.

1. drunk!fic
2. huddling for warmth
3. pretending to be married
4. secretly a virgin
5. amnesia
6. forced to share a bed
7. truth or dare
8. historical AU
9. apocalypse fic
10. telepathy
11. High School / College AU
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You know, I had this big long entry I was going to do about Marvel Now! and it had links and stuff to all the books that had been announced but I just said fuck it so whatever. I'm just going to talk about things that I think are interesting and things that I hate.

You got your Avengers in my X-Men. No, you got your X-Men in my Avengers )

So yeah, this is all the things that I find interesting or stupid about the Marvel Now thing. Like I said, I had another entry full of links to this stuff but I got lazy so whatever. I will probably edit this entry as more information comes to light and then maybe I'll get the links back in there. Marvel's website is being stupid and not showing me things it was showing me five minutes ago so there you go. Post thoughts, comments, and rants.
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For the record, I'm not a big Stephanie Brown fan but I know a couple people on my friends list will enjoy this. I honestly might check this out once they get it up and running.

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My birthday is at the end of the month. Make me fannish things because you love me?


Jul. 20th, 2012 03:39 am
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As promised, this is my review for Dark Knight Rises. Before I get into this, I want to say that my heart is with the people in Aurora, Colorado right now. It's weird to think about the amount of tragedy that's now connected to these Batman movies. First there was Heath Ledger dying and now there's this incident. Life is never as frightening as it is when it imitates art to the worst possible degree. Be strong, Aurora.

No spoilers, just awesome )
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Went to see The Amazing Spider-Man today so now it's time for my analysis

Spoilers, analysis, and stuff behind this )

In conclusion: This film was actually really good. Visually, it's gorgeous. The fight sequences are dazzling to watch and it just shows you how far special effects have come in ten years. I think that it was missing something emotionally for me. It's probably that I've been a Spider-Man fan for almost all my life and I've seen pretty much every iteration of his origin story. Plus I think it's the fact that I'm ten years older now than I was when the first Raimi film came out. I was a teenager back then and Spider-Man (at least at the beginning) mostly appeals to teenagers. I think if the Raimi films hadn't existed and this was the first Spider-Man movie I saw, I would've loved it. I still enjoyed this film though and I think it's going to do for this generation of Spidey fans what the Raimi ones did for my generation. Hopefully they can follow it up with a good sequel.
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I felt like cranking out a Young Justice fic.

Title: Man's Best Friend
Fandom: Young Justice (cartoon)
Rating: K+
Genre: Angst
Pairings: Wally West, Artemis Crock, WallyxArtemis
Warnings: spoilers for the end of "Depths"
Summary: The story of a boy, his dog, and how both of them are completely lost without a certain archer.

Is this what it's like when someone you love dies? )
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So I just saw this on a message board and wow. I have to go to work right now but I will edit this later and give my thoughts.

Spider-Man will have a Robin

Alright, after thinking it over I'm still not sure this is a good idea. The whole teen sidekick concept is pretty outdated for me. I think back when Tim Drake took over being Robin, the writers did a fantastic job of explaining why Batman needs a Robin. The problem is that I think the teen sidekick idea only works with Batman. Marv Wolfman did a great job while writing Teen Titans of taking what was essentially a team of sidekicks and making them into real characters and legit heroes in their own right. Ever since then, the whole sidekick idea has been kind of dumb in my view. I mean it works for Batman but do we really need every hero to have a sidekick?

Notice that pretty much all the examples I gave in the paragraph above were DC. To my knowledge, Marvel doesn't really do the sidekick thing. I guess you could say War Machine is Iron Man's sidekick and I suppose you could make the argument that Kitty and then later Jubilee were sort of sidekicks for Wolverine. I think the Jubilee/Wolverine one is more valid than the Iron Man/War Machine one but I still don't really think either of them hold a lot of water. The biggest example of a real sidekick in Marvel that I can think of is Bucky and that was back in the 40's. You could also throw Rick Jones in there but that was in the 70's. Like I said, ever since the Wolfman days of Teen Titans, sidekicks seem kind of outdated to me. It seems like they're sort of a leftover from the Golden Age or Silver Age. Batman needs a Robin but do Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, and Flash really need a Superboy, Wonder Girl, Speedy, and Kid Flash? I mean you haven't seen Cap trot out another Bucky to replace the "dead" one and I haven't seen Rick Jones hanging around Hulk too much lately but then again I don't read Hulk at all. My point is that the whole sidekick thing seems obsolete in the modern era. If anything, it's often used as a joke or a springboard for characters to come into their own (see Young Avengers as a prime example of that).

This brings us to Spider-Man. If memory serves, I thought the reason we broke up Peter's marriage is because of the fear that readers couldn't relate to him (and we could get into a whole other argument about why I think this is a fallacy). So then we got swinging single Peter again. Fair enough I suppose but if letting him be married causes readers to not relate to him and think he's not cool and too old then how is it going to look when he has a teenage kid around him all the time? I mean you know we're going to get scenes of this kid using whatever slang kids use these days and Peter isn't really going to have a choice but to go "Huh?" and, you know, seem like an old guy. Marvel wanted young, hip Peter. That's why they killed the marriage. This seems like a step in the complete opposite direction because now you will basically have a character who will constantly remind the audience that Peter is an adult and isn't really that young or that hip (even though it's okay to not be either of these things).

Could this work? I suppose because I think the origin story for this kid is kind of clever and it definitely plays into Peter's all-important sense of responsibility. Peter is also definitely the type of person who would want to mentor a younger hero, whether he was responsible for that hero's origins or not. I still don't think it fits though. A lot of people online are talking about how cliche it will be when the kid turns out to be the next big Spidey villain or something. My question in response to that is this: Would you rather he actually be Peter's sidekick? I agree, making him the new villain would be cliche but it honestly might be the best play. Spider-Man and Alpha doesn't really fit as well as Batman and Robin. Maybe we just need some time to grow accustomed to it but I still think it's a very puzzling move.
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So I haven't posted in a while and this isn't really a post I was going to make but I feel a need to vent somewhere about this. This is going to be a lot of needless information that you probably don't care about concerning the goings on in my real life. If you'd rather not read all this then that's cool.

Why I turned down an offer to basically run a comic book/gaming store aka why I am an idiot )
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