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So I haven't posted in a while and this isn't really a post I was going to make but I feel a need to vent somewhere about this. This is going to be a lot of needless information that you probably don't care about concerning the goings on in my real life. If you'd rather not read all this then that's cool.

So as you can see by the nifty cut thing, I just turned down an offer to pretty much run a comic book store. Now you probably might be saying to me vicariously through your computer screen: "Wes, why would you do something so incredibly stupid? I mean you love comics. They're practically your whole life and this was your perfect chance to do something related to them and you blew it." You're not saying that? Well you should be because that's what I said after it was over.

So for the uninformed, which is pretty much everybody on the internet because only the people in my real life know about this, one of my friends from college opened up a gaming store within the past few months. Pretty much all they deal in is Magic which I don't really play anymore and I definitely don't play competitively like I was doing eight or nine years ago. As a courtesy to Dave my friend of almost ten years, I play sometimes at his shop. Recently, as in a few days ago, Dave calls me and says he wants to talk to me about something. I say sure and I meet him the next day. Apparently, he's talked with the other guy that runs the store and they want to start getting into the comic book business. The problem is that neither of them feels they know a lot about comics to make it work but Dave said he knew someone who did. So yeah, my name got tossed into this and all of a sudden I'm their first choice to basically manage the comic book side of their store.

I told Dave I would think it over and I spent a couple days thinking about it. In order to fully understand the complexity of this tangled web, you first have to know Dave. Dave is my friend and I like him but he has one major fault. Dave has no real commitment or dedication to anything. This is the same Dave that decided to move back home to West Virginia to get his MBA from Marshall University when really I think all he wanted to do was move there because a lot of high-level VS. System players lived there (VS. System being a now-defunct card game that is based on superheroes and I love to no end). This is the same Dave who then moved back here to Lexington after (probably) not acquiring his MBA and bounced around a few jobs before he got the brilliant idea to move all the way to fucking California to live with his cousin. This is the same Dave who spent a couple months living in California, said fuck it, and moved back here. This is the same Dave who is now trying to get a computer science degree from UK even though he clearly has no intention of using it now that he runs this store. Did I mention that all these degrees he's trying to get aren't even in his field that he got his undergraduate degree in so basically he just wasted four years at Transy? I love Dave and he's my friend but I've learned not to get all excited when he comes up with these projects or whatever that he gets hyped about for a few months and then they fizzle out. So is this the person you want in charge of any type of business?

So now that you have a clearer picture of Dave, who is basically running this shop even though he does actually have a business partner, let's move on to other things in this tangled web. Let it be known right now that I hate my job. My job is possibly the worst job on the face of the planet. I pretty much think I work in the ninth circle of hell and I would love nothing more than to get out of that God-forsaken abyss before it steals any more of my soul. My loathing of my job was taken to new heights (read lows) when a few months ago my department manager shared this nice bit of information with me.

Apparently she received some email from HR (I assume it was from somebody in HR higher than just our store's HR rep) and it had a list of people who need to open up their availability or else they're in danger of losing their health benefits. Three guesses as to whose name was on this list. Yeah, mine was. Apparently me having limited availability one day out of the entire week (Sunday) is too much for Kroger. So faced with this awesome threat, I did what pretty much any sane, reasonable person would do. I opened up my availability on Sundays to match the rest of the week. I mean it's not worth losing my health insurance over, right? It's more than that though. That was the day I seriously realized that Kroger isn't a safe place to work because now I basically feel like a slave. It seriously says in the union handbook that to qualify for part-time benefits you must have unrestricted availability every day of the week. People who already have other full-time jobs or are students who could qualify on their parents' plans are automatically not eligible. I would quote the thing verbatim but there's probably some kind of law against that or something. So yeah, basically I'm a slave to Kroger now if I want my health insurance with them. Life? Who needs that? So just to be clear, I hate my job and I would love to get the hell out of there as quickly as I can. So why did I turn this offer down? We'll get to that in a minute.

The last piece of information that makes this come into focus and plays into my decision is this. Ever since I moved to Lexington from home to go to college and have made this area my home (which is almost ten years) I've been getting my comics from one shop. This shop (A+ Comics and Collectibles) was a shop I discovered about eleven years ago when I was up here for my cousin's wedding. The guy that runs the store is really nice and even though I question some of the decisions he's made as a businessman, he's a good person and he's never screwed me in all the years I've done business with him. If I want to buy comics from a local shop, A+ is always my first stop. Yeah, there are times when I get some trades off the internet and sometimes if A+ doesn't have what I want then I go to some other shop but for the most part A+ is where I get my comics and it's been that way for a very long time. The problem is that this store that Dave opened up is right down the street from A+. In fact, A+ is set to move further down the street and will now almost be right across the street from Dave's shop.

So now we come to the meeting I just had with Dave and his business partner about me basically running the comics side of their store. I turned down the offer for a lot of reasons. Yes, there's the health insurance thing because if I took this job I would have to change my availability and that would be a no-no for Kroger. So I could've just decided to quit Kroger, right? Well, knowing what I know about Dave it doesn't seem like the safest move. As I said, I loathe my job with every fiber of my being but I want to jump into a better situation and not a worse one. I basically told Dave and James that earlier tonight. They've only been in business for a few months. James swears up and down that they'll be able to offer health insurance in a couple of months but it's still just an unstable situation to me. There's a bigger reason that I said no.

As I said, Russ (the owner of A+ where I've gotten my comics for almost a decade) has never screwed me. I think he's made some bad business decisions but I've never had any problems with him as a person. Doing this would be stabbing him in the back. I'm not saying that I spend so much money in that store that he can't afford me going somewhere else. I'm not saying that because I think I'm some genius businessman when it comes to comics. I'm just saying it because it's the truth and that was the biggest reason I said no to this job offer. The two stores are practically going to be across the street from each other. Word is going to get out. Russ would know and I would pretty much never be allowed to set foot in his store again. Is that harsh on his part? Maybe but it doesn't matter because I won't let that happen. He's been good to me and in return I've been good to him and his store. Going to work for his biggest competition just wouldn't be right. It's just not an ethical thing to do, burning bridges without enough cause to do so. I couldn't really tell Dave and James that though. They seem to have some sort of vendetta against A+ and honestly I just want to stay neutral in this whole competition or war or whatever. I have friends on both sides of this fence and I don't want to get involved and risk losing them.

So yeah, I'm pretty much an idiot or at least I kinda feel like one right now. This is everything I've ever wanted all wrapped up in one nice package and it was mine for the taking. All I had to do was just reach out and grab it except that I couldn't. Maybe I'm just scared of getting what I want for a change. I don't really know. Anyways, comment if you want. It is what it is and I did what I did. Time will tell if it was the right decision.

Date: 2012-06-28 05:12 am (UTC)
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For what it's worth, I think you made the right decision.

Business ventures are tough things. It usually takes an average of three years for any business to break even, and usually you already have pre-existing capital as a cushion. I know you really hate your job right now, and I will more than happily agree that you deserve so much better. But sticking to what is secure even if the offer is everything you have ever wanted is a sign of you being responsible and thinking ahead.


If you need to rant, vent, talk anything out, I'm here for you, okay?


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