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You know, I had this big long entry I was going to do about Marvel Now! and it had links and stuff to all the books that had been announced but I just said fuck it so whatever. I'm just going to talk about things that I think are interesting and things that I hate.

Uncanny Avengers: No real surprise that Rogue will be on this team. She's been gaining more credibility under Mike Carey's pen and even though I don't care for the character, I think maybe it's time she stepped up to the big leagues. The puzzling choice for this team is Havok. As someone who has spent his life in Scott's shadow, I can't really see why Alex would get to leapfrog over his older brother and get on this team. Then again, after the events of AVX #11 it seems that Scott is in the doghouse with pretty much everybody.

All New X-Men: This concept is stupid. You have like a million X-kids sitting around doing nothing and you could make a book out of them. Instead, you decide to pluck the fucking first class out of the 60's and plop them into the 21st century where they can see how fucked up their lives become when they get older. At least you gave the writing job on this book to Bendis. I was worried that when he was moving to the X-franchise he would fuck up something majorly there but maybe he can just do this dumb book and leave the rest of the franchise alone.

Avengers: They just revealed the full gatefold that the three different covers make up for this book and holy shit it looks epic. You've got the full team from the movie, Falcon, Spider-Woman, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Captain (Ms.) Marvel, and fucking Cannonball and Sunspot. Holy crap Cannonball and Sunspot are fucking Avengers. Are you serious? I don't even really care about Sunspot but Sam you've done our great state proud. What's crazy is this cast is so huge and Hickman's said there's still like eight members left to be revealed. Unbelievable.

Thunderbolts: Hey look, it's people with guns and shit and they're gonna kill some bad guys. I guess everybody likes X-Force so much that we're getting a MU version of them. As an old school Thunderbolts fan, this is kinda insulting. Also, you made me remember that Red Hulk still exists. Oh I get it, Red Hulk is General "Thunderbolt" Ross and he's put together a new Thunderbolts team. So clever, Marvel, so clever.

Avengers Arena: Oh Lord, this is where I must be strong and try to get through this without raging. Look, I am always down for some Hunger Games but this MU Hunger Games is not going to turn out well. They put fucking X-23 in this book. Are we seriously supposed to think she won't win? Really, the girl who was created to be a killing machine isn't going to win a contest where your whole objective is to kill the other players? Also, Chase and Nico from Runaways are in this book. What, you couldn't just put Molly in there too so you could completely piss all over my fandom, Marvel?

Indestructible Hulk: The only reason this is even on my radar is because Mark Waid is going to write it and I hear nothing but good things about his recent Daredevil run. Seriously, according to everyone I know that reads the book, it's pretty much the best comic on the shelves. So yeah, I still won't read this book but if you are reading Daredevil and you like it then Waid promises you'll like this too.

Cable and X-Force: This looks lame. All their costumes look like they were designed in the 90's. Dr. Nemesis has the worst costume I've ever seen. You look like Kabal from Mortal Kombat, Nemesis. You're better than this.

Uncanny X-Force: So everyone thought this book was just getting cancelled but it's just getting reloaded. I will give this book credit for making Psylocke more interesting than she's been in like ten years at least. However, that was all Rick Remender's doing and now he's gone from the book. The roster for this book sounds ridiculous.

Young Avengers: Okay, I can get behind this book. It at least gives Kate something else to do besides hang out with Clint and it'll be interesting to see kid Loki in this. I'm a little annoyed that we're not getting Tommy in this but I'll manage. I actually haven't read any of Gillen's work so we'll see how this goes. Sad to see that Heinberg won't be writing this though.

Other random stuff to come out of the announcements: Wolverine and the X-Men is not getting cancelled and neither is X-Factor. I am happy with both these things.

So yeah, this is all the things that I find interesting or stupid about the Marvel Now thing. Like I said, I had another entry full of links to this stuff but I got lazy so whatever. I will probably edit this entry as more information comes to light and then maybe I'll get the links back in there. Marvel's website is being stupid and not showing me things it was showing me five minutes ago so there you go. Post thoughts, comments, and rants.
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