May. 4th, 2012

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What's that you say? I have to be at work in like five hours and I have only one hour of sleep? Well screw that because I'm probably just going to call in sick. So now you get my unadulterated, unedited thoughts on the Avengers movie. For starters, I thought it was pretty awesome. I admit I'm not a huge Joss Wheadon fan like pretty much everyone else my age is but he really brought his A-game with this one. The dialogue was great, the plot was fast-paced without losing the audience, and the action sequences were amazing. So now here comes the character-by-character breakdown.

Let's do a headcount )

Overall, this movie was pretty freakin' awesome. Yeah there are some nitpicks I've made but really it's a good movie and I think it was worth getting through all the individual ones just for this. I actually got chills a couple times when the whole team was assembled in the same shot and people actually clapped for the scene where they're all back-to-back and about to fight the aliens (you've probably seen it in the previews). This is a great summer action movie and I think it was a great way to kickoff the summer movie season. If you like the Avengers or Marvel Comics or just superheroes in general then you will love this movie. Oh and stay for the credits because there's a scene during them that tells you who the villain will be for Avengers 2. My mind was totally blown when I found out who it was.


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